A Look at Airline Miles Credit Cards

There are hundreds of credit cards in the market, credit cards issued by different issuers for the benefit of consumers. Just in the same way that there are hundreds of credit cards, there are also thousands of different types of credit cards. The choice of a credit card is therefore not limited to a particular brand; it extends to type of card and one such type is an airline miles credit card.

Airline miles credit cards are a sub-type of reward credit cards.

Often referred to as mileage cards, airline miles credit cards are very popular in the airline industry and in particular by those who fly on a regular basis. Just like with any other sub-type of reward credit card, having an airline mile credit card gives you the opportunity to earn valuable redeemable points whenever you travel by air.

The number of points you earn largely depends on several factors including miles covered, local or international flight among other factors. Unlike any other sub-type of reward credit cards however, you can only use the mileage points you earn within the airline industry and only with participating airlines and other associated organizations.

Unlike some years back, use of airline miles credit cards is now widespread across the world. The inner workings of this type of card involves several different key players. First, there is the card issuer who in most cases happens to be a bank.

Second, there is the group of participating companies including different airlines whose managements have agreed to partner. Third, there is the traveler; you who is given the opportunity to earn mileage points. In addition to airline companies, there are often participating hotels, car rental companies and air travel agencies.

The benefits that airline miles credit cards provide are not limited to air travelers.

Use of the cards has become a major marketing tool in the airline industry. Different groups of participating companies and organizations have developed different programs for the benefit of stakeholders. It is therefore not surprising to find different airline miles credit cards attached to different airline miles programs promoted by different industry entities. For participating airlines and companies, use of the cards has created what is referred to as loyalty program, where you as the traveler will always try to use a particular airline or stay at a participating hotel whenever you travel by air.

Having an airline miles credit card can also be beneficial considering other benefits that the cards can provide. In addition to mileage points that you can redeem in the form of airline tickets, hotels or use to rent a car from one of the participating car rental companies, having the card also entitles you to waiver of some baggage fees, aircraft boarding priority, in-flight privileges and check-in priority among other benefits.

Because different airline miles credit cards offer different benefits, it becomes necessary to compare several before settling on one that turns out to suit you best.

Like with all regular credit cards, airline mile credit cards allow you to access a line of credit that you can use when booking an airline ticket, settling bills at hotels and restaurants or renting a car from a car rental company.

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